St Patrick’s is Diverse

Northern Ireland’s history is less unique than you think and, equally important, it’s future has a chance to be uniquely positive. Take it from Nandi Jola, renown South African-Northern Irish Poet and Author who is proud to call this place home:

Nandi is from a place that’s had its ‘troubles’ too. This is why she was so eager, along with other community partners, to facilitate the ‘Knock Knock’ project with pupils from twelve primary schools representing a multitude of backgrounds from across Ballymena to reflect on the meaning of ‘home’. The project resulted in a published book archiving the children’s stories, poems and illustrations, displaying the town’s shared history across cultures and producing something that future generations can revel in and share together.

Nandi is representative of a whole new generation of Northern Irish people with a diverse range of backgrounds, skills and outlooks which will reverberate across future generations and transform this place for the better. She’s slowly risen up Northern Ireland’s ranks of highly accomplished poets.

She is a symbol of what the St Patrick’s Shared Development will be and what Northern Ireland’s future looks like – a welcoming, open, diverse, accepting and thriving community that many will be equally proud to call home.

Stay tuned here for more updates as the St Patrick’s story continues to unfold.

We’ll see you out in the community soon!