Time Capsule Project

One of the bedrock projects in the development of Shared Housing at St Patricks is the Time Capsule programme. New residents will be able to participate in the programme and take part in its exhibition launch to celebrate their move into new homes.

AvilaMedia, a community-led social enterprise and media company, will be working with project stakeholders and residents to compile a community time capsule which will be buried at a celebratory event as part of the shared housing development’s welcome event.

The time capsule – which will be compiled of resident’s “memorable yet ‘happy to part with’” items – will be buried at the development’s entrance. The project hopes to capture the initial thoughts, feelings and significant items from tenants. It is hoped, when the capsule re-emerges in years to come, that tenants will gather again to reminisce – and that the community will be a thriving, inclusive and shared space.

As part of this project, AvilaMedia hope to interview new residents to capture their stories for posterity as they move into their new homes. Stories collected will be inclusive of the entire community.

This website is also a part of the time capsule project, where Radius Housing aim to keep people informed about the history, beginnings and development of shared housing at St Patricks and to enable them to find out about projects and events that are taking place.